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Legal Services for Remortaging your House

  • Better interest rate to make your mortgage more cost effective and to reduce your monthly repayments so you can save money
  • More flexible terms, such as the option to take a payment holiday
  • Fixed rate deal that’ll give you added peace of mind over the next few years
  • Value of your property has risen which could put you into a lower loan-to-value category and mean you’re eligible for lower rates, which in turn means your mortgage can become more cost effective for you
  • Option to overpay on your mortgage helping you to clear your mortgage debt more quickly, e.g. after inheriting money
  • Ability to borrow more money against your property, allowing you to make home improvements or to clear other debts that are on a higher rate
  • Your existing mortgage rate is coming to an end.

What is the process of remortgaging?

To get the best deal, start looking at your options around three months before you want to remortgage your property.

You should find a mortgage broker or independent financial advisor to help you find a new mortgage deal, or you can search online for yourself. Consider any fees you might be charged by your current lender, such as early repayment charges which can be very expensive.

Coupe Bradbury can help you complete the following steps:

  1. Request the title information for your property
  2. Request a redemption statement for your existing mortgage
  3. Review the title to the property and put in hand any necessary searches and/or search insurance
  4. Review the formal remortgage offer from the new lender
  5. Set a completion date for the remortgage
  6. Register your new mortgage with Land Registry

Transfers of Equity

It may be necessary as part of the re-mortgage process to also deal with a transfer of equity / transfer of the legal title. We can again provide specialist advice on this.

How can we help?

We can assist you and guide you through the above legal steps. Please contact our Residential Property Team on 01772 683000 for further information or to request a no-obligation quotation.

Joyce Schofield
Joyce Schofield Tel: +44 1772 683000
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