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It is better for parents to agree on child arrangements outside of court wherever possible. This can be done effectively by consulting our legal experts. Mediation and negotiation should be considered before any applications to the court are made. We know that for some families, mediation is not ideal and not always successful despite all efforts. Legal advice and representation are beneficial here when making applications for orders to the Family Court.

Applications may include:

  • Child arrangements order – Decides the residence of your child and where they will spend time. The residence is commonly referred to as ‘custody’.
  • Prohibited steps order – Prevents someone from doing something. For example, your ex-partner might be prevented from moving abroad.
  • Specific issue order – Enforces a party to do something, which may include but is not limited to adding a parent’s name onto a child’s birth certificate.

Coupe Bradbury is proud to have Solicitor Emma Panchal on our Family Law Team as she has time-served experience in children’s law. We will advise clients on the options available to them regarding child living arrangements and more specific issues which are subjective to each family.

Seeking Family Law Legal Advice

We understand that seeking legal advice on these matters can feel intimidating and there is often the fear that associated tensions and court proceedings could negatively affect your children. However, we believe that being informed on the law and having support to facilitate co-operation between parents will inevitably result in a positive outcome. Willingness to put children’s needs first is an invaluable attitude that will significantly limit the risk of emotional harm to them as a result of the separation.

We can provide specific advice where there have been allegations of domestic abuse and violence, which must be handled with particular care for the safety and well-being of all parties. In these situations, we work closely with external agencies, such as social services, CAFCASS and the police. With their cooperation, we can ensure that the welfare of children remains paramount in proceedings.

No matter whether your separation is amicable or volatile, we will guide you to the best possible outcome for the future of your family.

If you’d like to ask us any questions or make an appointment with one of our Family Law Team solicitors, contact our office on 01772 683000.

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